Seats up to 40

We'd love to host your next party or event at Chiquitas! We've got a large room off the main restaurant that can hold you and up to 40 of your closest friends and family. Plus, you'll be the closest to the bar, so you know, faster Margheritas for you and your party!

Have a bigger party? We'll book you both spaces!


Seats up to 40

If you're looking to soak up that San Diego sun, we've also got a beautiful patio area for you, complete with a pergola, umbrellas, a fountain, and even heaters for the evening. It's a small tropical paradise in its own right.

Have a bigger party? We'll book you both spaces!



We are delighted to host your party or event. Chiquita’s Mexican Restaurant has been a place for joy and celebration for innumerable events throughout the years. Join us to find out why people choose Chiquita’s Mexican Restaurant for everything from celebrations to business lunches. Our staff is warm, welcoming, and attentive to your needs to ensure you have an amazing and successful evening.

Why Chose Chiquita's Mexican Restaurant?

Our warm staff and family-friendly restaurant atmosphere, combined with delicious and affordable Mexican dishes, will make you want to keep coming back to Chiquita’s — no doubt!  We have hosted generations of Chiquita’s fans, and many of our customers are regulars who have been enjoying their time and meals here for decades.

Business Meeting

Whether you want to have a quiet business lunch or just want to gather at a friendly Mexican restaurant with your coworkers after a long week, Chiquita’s Mexican Restaurant is the perfect place for you.  We’re located on Home Ave, near the 805, 15, and 94 freeways — we’re easy to get to and have tons of parking, so you can have lunch and be on your way back to work in no time.

Family Reunion

Coming from a traditional Mexican background, the owners of Chiquita’s Restaurant understand how important family time is and we value quality moments spent with our loved ones.  As such, we welcome you and your family to come and celebrate here with us — we will make your family reunion an exceptional and memorable time.

Birthday Celebration

We love to celebrate and our staff will go above and beyond and make sure you have a fantastic birthday dinner with your friends and family.

Special Occasion

Whether you want to meet with a special date at our restaurant or you just are in the mood for a nice, family-style Mexican dish — whatever your occasion may be — here at Chiquita’s, we will serve you with care and make it a meal to remember. We thank you for the opportunity to share that moment with us.


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